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Luscious Summer '24 Specialty Items


And the living is easy


Summer Specialty Items


Specialties may be added on to a custom Luscious Tablescape

Or purchased Individually on platters



Deviled eggs - $30 per dozen

Traditional or seasonal


Individual mini tasting-size chilled soup - $30 per dozen, 

minimum 3 dozen per kind 

****Luscious Summer seasonal specialties***** 

Gazpacho; Watermelon Gazpacho; Blueberry

**Chilled soups can also be ordered in a large bowl $65, serves 5 or 10 sides**



Individual tasting salad - $30 per dozen, minimum 3 dozen 

(Options: Pesto Pasta salad with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella:; Light Italian pasta salad; Creamy pasta salad;  Potato Salad with  english peas, 

****Luscious Summer seasonal specialty*****

Baby greens with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, shredded carrots, & light herb vinaigrette dressing

Dressing can be presented in a pipette within the tasting salad for an additional $12 per dozen

**Salad can also be ordered in a large bowl $65, serves 5 or 10 sides 


Caprese skewers - $30 per dozen

**With balsamic glaze in a pipette, add $12 per dozen** 



Greek salad skewer: $30 per dozen, minimum 2 dozen

Feta, cucumber, bell pepper, tomato and Kalamata olive in a Greek red wine vinaigrette



Cherry Tomatoes - $18 per dozen, minimum 3 dozen

stuffed with fresh herbed cheese

**With balsamic glaze in a pipette, add $12 per dozen** 



Mini bell peppers stuffed, $30 per dozen, minimum 2 dozen

Stuffed with herbed cheese


Strawberries,  $42 per dozen, 

Hulled and stuffed with marscapone with minced exotic fruits. Tastes like summer!

****Luscious Summer seasonal specialty*****



Watermelon Feta skewers: $36 per dozen, minimum 3 dozen

Watermelon, feta cheese, and mint 

*may be served with balsamic glaze on a platter 

***or balsamic glaze in pipettes for and additional 12 per dozen

*** may be served on small tasting plates rather than as on skewer for $

****Luscious Summer seasonal specialty*****



Deconstructed watermelon margarita bites: $36 per dozen, minimum 3 dozen

Watermelon marinaded in a  regular, or mock-margarita, 

topped with cojita cheese and a candied jalapeno pepper ring

****Luscious Summer seasonal specialty****


Peach skewer: $36 per dozen, minimum 3 dozen

Juicy peaches from the Georgia Peach Truck with mint or basil wrapped in prosciutto

****Luscious Summer seasonal specialty****


Bacon pineapple bites: $42 per dozen, minimum 2 dozen

Bacon wrapped pineapple that’s been dipped in maple syrup, cayenne and brown sugar for the perfect blend of sweet and savory

****Luscious Summer seasonal specialty*****


Brie Bites in phyllo canapé cups with gourmet seasonal fruit chutney or preserves - $30 per dozen, minimum 2 dozen

(such as peach champagne preserves or strawberry ginger chutney) 

Topped with fresh peaches & basil

****Luscious Summer seasonal specialty*****


Salami Fold-overs - $30 per dozen

Italian dry salami with cheese and pepperoncini , finished with a festive pick 



Cucumber rounds - $36 per dozen, minimum 3 dozen each kind

Options for the rounds are: Smoked salmon mousse  with a dill garnish; blue cheese spread; crabmeat salad; smoked trout mousse; pecan chicken salad; curried chicken salad)



Colossal Shrimp cocktail shooters - $60 per dozen 

with spicy cocktail sauce and lemon spiral in a 2 ounce disposable shot glass -


Grilled caramelized shrimp skewers (can be made cajun): $60 per dozen

Single colossal shrimp ~ perfection, elegant and delicious, nights on the beach

(great as an appetizer for paella on the beach)



Poached salmon - $48 per dozen, minimum 2 dozen

with cucumber dill sauce on mini tasting plate with fork



Italian rosemary prosciutto cotta & cheese  - $36 per dozen, minimum 2 dozen

with orange marmalade pinwheel roll ups

****Luscious Summer seasonal specialty*****

Oven roasted turkey and brie - $36 per dozen, minimum 2 dozen

roll ups with fruit preserves or mustard/mayo with fresh In-house-made peach chutney

from The Peach Truck picked and driven straight here from Georgia

****Luscious Summer seasonal specialty*****


Oven roasted turkey ranch - $42 per dozen, minimum 2 dozen

pinwheel roll ups with bacon and cheddar cheese



Finger tea sandwiches - $36 a dozen, minimum 3 dozen per each kind

(Options: cucumber dill; chicken salad; turkey and brie; ham and cheese; tuna salad; egg salad)



Chili lime chicken with fresh fruit salsa - $36 per dozen, minimum 2 dozen 

on a mini tasting plate with fork



Chicken salad canapes: $30 per dozen, minimum 3 dozen

Minced Luscious dill chicken salad with grapes served canapé style



Chicken skewers: $36 per dozen, 3 dozen minimum

Chili lime with fruit of our choosing (i.e., mango, strawberry, pineapple)

Curry with coconut peanut sauce; Bar-b-que

Simply grilled chicken with honey garlic OR lemon herb dipping sauce



Non Alcohol shark bite jello tanks for the kiddos (or the kid in all of us): $30 per dozen

Blue & green jello with a shark gummy swimming in it’s interior, and bubbles! 

***(Can be made as Jello Jigglers: pick your flavor(If incorporating in to a Luscious Tablescape and want to borrow our glassware, with a wavier signed if anything is missing, broken or damaged, : we can use glass footed stemware; if you want all disposable so that we use a footed plastic dessert clear heavy duty parfait cup).***


Hot Options 

Meatballs: $30 per dozen, party sized - minimum 5 dozen 

$42 per dozen, large sized - minimum 2 1/2 dozen

choice of Luscious house Marinara; or bbq; sweet and sour



Beef Brisket: $12.00 per person, minimum 30 people

includes au jus, horseradish cream sauce and brioche slider buns



Pulled Pork Sliders: $10.00 per person, minimum 30 people 

includes brioche slider buns and creamy coleslaw on the side

(Inquire about our fresh peach salsa too)


Arincini Balls: $75 for 30

includes brioche slider buns and creamy coleslaw on the side



Chicken piccata: $11 per person, minimum 30 people

includes brioche slider buns and creamy coleslaw on the side



Baked Beans: $30 - serves 10



Mini Baked Potatoes - $24 per 2  1/2 dozen, minimum 3 (36)



*Item substitutions may be made without notice depending upon availability



Dessert Options

Iced sugar cookies - themed decoration - $72 per dozen


Assorted macarons  - $48 per dozen

Mini brownie bites - $24 per dozen

Mini eclairs - $24 per dozen


Mini cream puffs - $24 per dozen


**Chocolate;  Vanilla mousse - $60 per dozen, minimum 3 dozen** 

garnished in a mini tasting vessel  (i.e., plastic, disposable) glass, bowl or similar)**

****Luscious Summer seasonal specialty*****

Lemon Mousse garnished with a red raspberry and a sprig of fresh mint)

Strawberry Mousse with a fresh strawberry and a basil sprig garnish 

**Strawberries and Cream Treat - $48 per dozen**

Strawberries in house made fresh strawberry syrup, layered with homemade whipped cream, garnish

****Luscious Summer seasonal specialty*****

Lemon Bars - $36 per dozen


Key Lime Bars - $36 per dozen


Carmelita bars - $36 per dozen


Ultimate Peanut Butter Brownie - $36 per dozen


“Regular” small cookies (i.e., peanut butter, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle) - $24 per dozen



****Luscious Summer seasonal specialty*****

Italian Gelattos and ice creams

Fruit sorbets in the natural shells

Ice cream assortment

We're looking to add a cart to have outside ~ We're at the corner of Coumbus and Merwin

so you can come down and grab a treat and go 

to the Metroparks and listen to a band or watch the boats, freighters, gulls, rowers, you name it ~ be sure to come visit us



Floral and Decor

Add on greenery to Luscious custom Tablescape $100; or custom if ordering special & having arranged.

Many options are available as well such as matching bouquets, flowers for powder rooms, lavatries, dining table, entryway, etc.)



Beverage Options

Infused ice Water Dispenser:  $65

3 gallon glass and or plastic, stackable water dispenser with glass garnishes with a waiver

or prepared and Packaged separately

*infused with lemon and lime; cucumber and mint; orange and basil, or other all natural infusions in  iced water

(including paper or plastic 8 ounce “glasses” **and cocktail napkins

Ice bucket with fresh ice and scoop, and paper straws available at an additional fee;)

****Luscious Summer seasonal specialty*****



Luscious mint tea lemonade:  $85

We brew the mint tea and squeeze the juices in house!



Limeade: $85

Freshly made in house

****Luscious Summer seasonal specialty*****


Glass or Plastic dispensers available depending on your event 

Infused waters with mint and lemon garnishes

included paper or plastic 8 ounce “glasses” **and cocktail napkins

Ice bucket with fresh ice and scoop, and paper straws available at an additional fee

Luscious N/A Mojito

Ginger beer, lemonade, lemon and lime twists, ooh la la

****Luscious Summer seasonal specialty*****


***Glass or Plastic dispensers available depending on your event ***

*** We lease a catering kitchen at Sainato's so we can always offer you a cocktail through their full bar***


Luscious Mimosa Bar

Quotation and Fruit Juice Selection Upon Request

Luscious Bloody Mary Bar

*Quotation and Drink add-ins Upon Request

**Add-ins include such items as bacon, pickles, olives, lemons, celery, pepperoncini, stuffed olivers, stuffed bell pepers, and much more




Dining ware options


Included in your Luscious custom tablescape is everything you will need to serve it with. There will be spoons for the dips, sporks for the pickles and olives, knives for any spreadable cheeses or such; and tongs throughout the table.


Luscious does not include any cutlery or silverware; plates, napkins, linens within this quoted event. These items are available for an additional fee.




Other Charges


Luscious Service and Staffing Options

quotation upon request 


Pick up of Luscious Borrowed Items the following day

​​quotation upon request 


Tax on taxable items (non-food beverages, purchased plates, etc.)


Other Services that can be arranged and included:



Coat Check

Entertainment (such as henna artists, DJs, magicians, caricature artists balloon animals, etc. - just ask!)

Valet and Parking attendants



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