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Valentine's Day Menu

Exceeding Your Expectations

Now more than ever the time is right to show those we love that we do, and to take time for one another and make special memories. Luscious can help you do just that. We love love.

The Sweetheart Board $65

Nothing could be sweeter

Presented on a custom made 10" x 12” x 3/4” heart shaped keepsake maple board made just for Luscious that’s been treated and ready to use. It includes:

2 freshly baked jeart shaped cherry hand pies

Pink and white short bread cookies 

Strawberry heart shaped marshmallows

Heart shaped chocolate truffles 

Chocolate covered cherries

Sea salted caramels 

Strawberries, blueberries, and red raspberries 

Rose flavored Turkish Delight 

Carmelized pecans 

Assorted Valentine’s specialty candies

*contents may vary in the event of availability

Sweet heart board.JPG
Savory heart board.JPG

The Savory Heart Board $75

From Luscious with Love

Comes with a custom made 10" x 12” x 3/4” heart shaped maple board that’s been treated, ready to use and includes

a custom engraved Luscious cheese knife.

A salami rose and other valentines themed savory treats

*contents may vary in the event of availability

The Sweet and Savory Heart Board for two $75

The best of both worlds

Presented on a custom made 10" x 12” x 3/4” heart shaped maple board. It includes a combination of the Sweet Board and the Savory board offerings.


Valentine's Date Night for 2   $150

Everything you'll need for a night with your Valentine

Sweet and savory Valentine's day foods on a cherry wood Luscious board and cheese knife.

It includes:

A bottle of One Hope brut champagne and 2 Luscious etched stemless wine glasses; all the Luscious goodness you find in our charcuterie along with some Valentine's treats on a Luscious cherry-wood board; and 2 freshly baked Luscious cherry hand pies as a sweet ending to it all. We even include the candle and the napkins.

And fresh flowers, of course!

*contents may vary in the event of availability

The Valentine's Bouquet Board $100

So pretty! So unique! So fun! So much love!!

This unique charcuterie bouquet is sure to be a hit. Everything is coming up roses for you on this cherry-wood Luscious board. Meats, cheese, vegetables, and fruit flowers are all arranged in the shape of a beautiful bouquet.

You can't go wrong with this gift!


Valentine's Day Box $50

Comes in a kraft box with a red ribbon and gift tag

Luscious goodness with a Valentine theme. It includes a dip and vegetables, salami rose, fresh fruits, many of them are red, and a caprese skewer shot through the heart shaped tomato. And Valentines treats and candies, of course.

Valentine's Day Board  $65 - $95 - $125

Boards available in three sizes

Comes with meats and cheeses with a Valentine’s theme. A dip served in a red ramekin. Fresh vegetables, fresh and dried fruits. A cracker assortment. Pickles, olives and nuts and Valentine’s chocolate and candy treats.

*contents may vary in the event of availability


The Galentine's Box $25

Treat your Gal Pal to a Luscious Valentine - or anyone for that matter

Presented in a red box with a window, wrapped with a pink & white twine bow, it's adorable! A little savory, a little sweet, and definitely a big Valentine treat.

The Candy Box $20

Sweet, Sweet, Sweet

A 5’ x 7’ box of assorted Valentine’s Day candies and chocolates in a beautiful presentation.
*contents may vary in the event of availability


Gift certificates

In denominations starting at $35

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