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Luscious Boxes and Platters

Take spectacular nibbles and nosh with you wherever you go with one of our Luscious boxes or platters

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Luscious Boxes

Beautiful boxes artfully and tastefully designed to delight you and your guests. We use the freshest foods available at the time or season created from local sources whenever possible. Therefore, no two boxes are ever alike. They are uniquely created specifically for you.

We have four size options readily available to you at this time. A mini, small, medium and a large.

Things you may find in your box include*:

  • Specialty meats

  • Gourmet cheeses

  • Fresh and dried fruits

  • An assortment of crackers, Sliced baguettes and pita bread (these may also be served on the side by request)

  • Nuts

  • Dips, hummus and others

  • Fresh crudites

  • Olives

  • Pickles

  • Marinated vegetables, such as artichoke hearts and sundried tomatoes

*Dependent upon season, freshness and availability at the time.


Luscious Boxes and Platters

The same as our Luscious boxes with a different presentation.

Our platters come in two sizes and you can expect to see the same type of selection as you will find in our boxes.

Luscious Boxes and Platters: Services
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